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IDBS Customer Support encompasses Help Desk, Product Training and Product Documentation.

New Customer Support Developments

The IDBS Help Desk now provides two online support services:

The Customer Support Portal

The Customer Support Portal

This online service provides web access to all IDBS Products, Customer Help Desk Calls and the Support KnowledgeBase. This service is available to IDBS customers with valid support and maintenance contracts with IDBS.

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The Quantrix Support Site

The Quantrix Support Site

This online facility has been specifically developed for IDBS customers using Quantrix. The site provides product documentation, answers to common questions and a Quantrix KnowledgeBase.

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Platform Support Information

Details about Software requirements for IDBS Products can be found here.

Details about Hardware requirements for IDBS Products can be found here.

IDBS Help Desk WebEx Details

To connect to an IDBS Support WebEx session, please click here.

IDBS Main Website Links

The main IDBS Website containing general IDBS information can be accessed here.